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We have been getting a lot of reports from members and the general public of accounts of unfair or unlawful treatment on the road, with WPA, MPIC and in court for at least simple traffic, parking or bylaw matters.

Here is some info if this has occurred to you or anyone you know.

We believe that unknown rights are not rights at all!

We believe that everyone has the right to know the law.

If your household income is under 40k /yr the Legal Help Centre can provide some legal advice.

There is also info online about law clinics at the U of M.

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Have you been mis-treated in these simple matters. We want to hear from you and have some advice.

Want to help address these issues in Court and the their root causes?
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 Wise Up Winnipeg is not a legal authority, and accordingly, you should seek out legal assistance from proper legal representatives/lawyers of your choice.