Court Actions

Upcoming Court Actions with Legal Counsel Initiated by WiseUpWinnipeg:

1.  DECEMBER 8th, 2017 (Moved from Sept 6th and 8th) (full day special sitting trial) where we will prove with experts that Winnipegs short amber scheme is as dangerous as it is profitable. No other city in the world has 4 second amber time especially in higher speeds zones including 80kph -where targeted Winnipeg enforcement nets 800% more red light "runners".

2.  On September 29th the appeal in R v. Carlson (MBQB) was heard by Chief Justice Joyal where it was argued that Designated Construction Zones are not legally allowed to be enforced by Photo Enforcement as defined by Mb law/HTA.  He reserved his decision which should be given within 30 days.

3.  The third matter is a Judicial Review of the outrageous Know Your Zone program - which continues to be illegally enforced with no signage to make drivers aware of the parking prohibition as per the law. When I exposed this program last year - the.City conceded only to the other issue being the hours enforced - when in fact the entire scheme is illegal and needs to be stopped in the name of fairness.

When the public sees the 1990 Hansard record of the intent of the HTA amendments for Winnipeg snow clearing - they will see just how broken and disconnected our political, judicial and civic forces have become with respect to the public that they are to be serving. After 8 years the facts will finally be acknowledged and upheld - and this form of dangerous and systemic fraud against the public will not occur in this province again.

4. A formal challenge that photo enforcement operators (fixed and mobile) who are employed by Traffic Safe Solutions Inc. or ACS Xerox Corporation are not designated Peace Officers but only Special Constables as per the MB Police Services Act which do not have the authority to issue alleged traffic offences.

There is several other legal actions started and planned by self represented that WiseUpWinnipeg is assisting with by providing useful information to help them better prepare.  Info made available from other cases and from other members having gone through the process.  Working collectively this way the public is not easily deceived and are better prepared to stand up for their charter and other legal rights, due process and fair treatment.  Together we will help reform the system that has turned its back on public interest and true public safety.

This legal expose should also serve to terminate the careers of the many useless politicians who have and continue to ignore the clearly stated facts of these matters - with many of them taking public positions that these illegal abuses should even be increased against the public.

We will name names when all is said and done in after these actions.

We need your help costing these initiatives on behalf of and to the benefit and fairness of all Manitoban’s.

 Please consider donating to the legal costs for these three upcoming trials.

 Here is just some of the media coverage of the dangerously short amber time and parking issues with resulting court actions:

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On Wednesday, 71-year-old Jim Aisaican-Chase will provide testimony for a special trial scheduled for September to deal with amber light timing.


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 'We're going to go to a courtroom. Immediately,' says Wise Up Winnipeg's Todd Dube after appeal turned down