Do you act, or just sit and complain?

Failure of Citizens to participate properly in their democracy is grounds for the forfeit of their right to complain.

Many actions by OUR Police and other designated peace officers (Photo Enforcement and Parking or Bylaw officers) or our elected and appointed officials and other civil servants or their for profit partners directing them are in violation of several sections of the HTA, SCA, APEGM Act, other legislation, OUR Constitution (Chater Rights and ...,), International Covenants Canada signed and ratified, etc ...

The law is often vague on purpose or by lack of due diligence and is up to interpretation of what OUR legislators intended.  Laws have been challenged and defeated or amended for centuries.

Do you want an efficient and effective democracy (Public Services, Governments, Parliament and Judiciary)?  One that is NOT self and special interest serving?  One that ONLY serves the Public (not just first and formost) as is intended.

If so do your Citizen homework during campaigns, elections and bi-elections.  Don't resign to wait till the next election when you realize you didn't do your homework, fell for false and misleading info and see idle promises.

Contact your elected and OUR  appointed officials.  Use the tools and watchdogs the public is paying for and the media if you are ignored.

FIPPA, Ombudsman, LERA, Oath of Office, Auditors, Conflict of Interest or Integrity Comissioners, Formal Complaints, RCMP Corporate Crimes Division to report information to support allegations of bribery and other serious crimes in Corps or Govs, the Courts and much more.

For more info on the serious issues we are Advocating for change and to learn what we suggest you to do as a Citizen or member of the public see the regular pinned post and visit