Make Winnipeg School Zones Safer

Please sign the petition to improve safety in Winnipeg School Zones and reduce violations

 Do you want the City of Winnipeg to follow certified engineers and CAA's recommendations to use flashing lights in school zones when children present to improve safety and reduce violations?

This already being done in other jurisdictions and Chuck Lewis of Mr. Electric is offering to supply, install and maintain the lights.  If so please sign this petition below and share this with others online and by word of mouth.

Why is this needed?


On June 20th the City released a statement that said they don't plan to do this and can't because of specifications in the HTA. We need to see who approved this statement.  This sounds like an excuse in an attempt to keep the approx $500,000 per week that is being collected off these artificially reduced zones.  They previously asked the Province to amended the HTA to allow reduced speed 30k School Zones even though the HTA already requires drivers to slow down when kids present which is what the vast majority of drivers do.  The City can ask the Province to amend the HTA again to include flashing lights when children present.

Like the driver interviewed by CTV in link below said "it is a no brainier". If our elected and appointed officials at the City or the Province can't find a way to allow this they are not competent enough to be in office and should resign and the public will call for candidates who are more capable.

CTV News coverage
Local businessman wants flashing lights in Winnipeg school zones
Chuck Lewis of Mr. Electric said he's purchased 80 solar powered flashing beacons.

Along with Wise Up Winnipeg, he wants to put the lights up on reduced speed sign poles to warn drivers approaching elementary school zones. Lewis believes it will cost him 20,000 to do this in all of the school zones with reduced speeds.

WiseUpWinnipeg has long advocated for speed signs on both sides of the street, longer amber light times and flashing lights.
The city said provincial laws do not allow for this.

“The city does not have any plans to use flashing beacons or other types of traffic control devices that are not prescribed in the provincial regulation pertaining to reduced-speed school zones,” the city said in a statement.

Local Businessman wants flashing lights in winnipeg school zones

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Activist Business Owner offer free flashing lights for city school zones


Facebook Post

Engineering Study saying 30k School Zones do not improve safety and recommendation for flashing lights when kids present.

Same recommendation as CAA.  Past and present City Council has ignored these recommendations including Counc. Janice Lukes who suggested inflatable speed bumps and said more signage is confusing.

CAA Manitoba says school zone signage unfair to drivers - CBC

More details to be posted to our website soon but temporarily available on our Facebook group along with comments:

History of issues raised and ignored with 30k Reduced Speed School Zones before and after they implemented without due diligence or proper consultations with Engineers and the public.
School Zones History - Facebook Post


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