Privacy of members and donors is very important to WiseUpWinnipeg along with cyber security.  Transparency of our Advocacy group is equally important.

We want to lead by example.


By default member or donor profiles are auto created with basic info provided when signing up or donating (this does not include credit card info).  Profiles are not published to the website by default.  You can manage your profile at any time to edit, set to not be searchable by search engines or delete if you prefer.  We are currently setting them to not be searchable after they are created but it may not be immediate.  Once we find a solution to disable this by default or for members to opt-in to this we will enable.  We will review this process as needed and based on feedback will update.


We believe the facts speak for themselves and it is our job as a public advocacy group to inform the pubic of the facts so they can make informed decisions.  Our website is open to the public except the non public parts of member and donor profiles.  Our Facebook page is also open so any one from the public can come and see what we have posted or are discussing.  New members requests are viewed to prevent spam and the group rules are very clear as to what behavior is expected.  We expect members to act like civil adults basically.  More on our Facebook page under description, regular pinned post and our About page.


For the protection of our members, donors and our group we have partnered with Nationbuilder and Stripe who are large, reputable and successful secure web hosting and payment processing companies.  We plan to look at secure options to process debit and paypal payments for those that choose to not use the credit cards currently supported.


All donations will be used for the court actions listed on our Donate page and detailed under our Court Actions page.  These are only Court actions launched on behalf of the public and have a strong likelihood of setting a precedence or resulting in decisions that the public can rely on or lead to meaningful reforms.  WiseUpWinnipeg has had some success in this so far but needs the public's help to take this to the next level.  It is more than sad that the public needs to go to these lengths to get their elected and appointed officials to do their job, the right thing and in many cases to even follow what is in our laws, charter and the intention of our past legislators.

Any additional funds will be held for other Court Actions and for operational costs including web hosting, payment processing fees and $low Down Photo Enforcement and similar signs.  There is two signatories on the community bank account setup for WiseUpWinnipeg.

We have had one person ask for current status of this funding campaign.  Here was my response.

Thanks ... for your interest.  For now lets just say it is progressing.  You or anyone who would like to know current status can private message Todd Dube or Kevin Yaworski on Facebook Messenger via the WiseUpWinnipeg page or our Contact Us and we will get back to you privately. The core members decided to not disclose this initially on the funding page as we wanted to gauge support and didn't want those we oppose try and discredit us.  Let them just worry for now.  We will review this decision if we get more requests as our members donors and the public's interest is our first priority.  You are the first.

 We have received a lot of requests to donate especially over the last 6 months as more court actions being covered in the media and more positive out comes for the public.

For these reasons we are confident we will reach our goals especially as the public donates, shares this initiative online, by word of mouth and we take addition steps to get the word out including  upcoming protests, events and media coverage.

So far tens of thousands have been invested in court actions alone and we have committed to only using funds raised for legal fees and operating costs as specifically laid out on our donations page and this policies page.

Other policies

We will add more policy info as we have time and as needed.

Questions or suggestions:

If you have any questions or suggestions about this or anything else about our policies and group please do not hesitate to use the contact us form.  We will try and respond in a timely manner.  We are volunteer based so this may not always be possible so please be patient.